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Kind Words

I have been a student of Jennifer’s for 14 years. We started with dressage as I hadn’t been jumping for years. Jen built up my confidence so I eventually started jumping and competing in eventing again to the point that I competed successfully in Kentucky, Florida and Indiana. Jen builds you and your horses confidence systematically and sympathetically so you achieve success at whatever level you aspire to.

Caresse Johnston

I  was a working student for Jen from 2008 to 2011. Over those years, I gained invaluable experience as a rider and how to manage a professional training/boarding facility. She has an amazing ability to break down training concepts into manageable pieces and has different methods to have her students understand an exercise/concept. She is a phenomenal coach who is truly passionate about the success of her students and horses  and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in progressing their riding and training skills.

Amanda Usselman

Jennifer is a truly gifted horsewoman. Not very many trainers have the depth and breadth of experience as Jen. She has successfully coached both of my daughters professionally for years, from lower level eventing to prelim level prep. Separately, they have each won their divisions under Jen’s guidance. Her advice and horsemanship from her international showing experience and her liberty work combined have proven invaluable in training and caring for our horses. We were also fortunate to have purchased an RRP horse trained by Jennifer. She took him from an intimidating, fiery, bucking machine to a bombproof, highly trained show horse safe enough for a 14-year old to compete. Her training systems develop light, correct, respectful, safe horses. I can’t say enough about the quality product she produces in both riders and horses.

Shaena Twolan

I’ve known Jen for over 13 years and I consider her an amazing trainer and my friend. When I met Jen she showed me a wonderful horse named James and together with Jen’s help I learned to ride dressage and even some low level eventing! She helped me change from a hunter rider to an event rider! She is patient, so knowledgeable, and never gave up on me! No matter how challenging it was at times with an older gal like me! Her coaching style is calm, positive, constructive, and always fun! We have had lots of laughs over the years! I have never come away from a lesson with Jen not feeling stronger and more confident. And now the addition the last years of liberty and positive training she is one of the most versatile and best coaches around! I recommend Jen to all, young and old, regardless of ability.

S. Peters

"I had the honor of attending Jennifer Pejic a groundwork clinic and working with her and her horse.  Her straight forward theory and practical strategies were extremely helpful to me.   Jennifer has an incredible talent with an easily adaptable teaching approach for horses and their people. I use the tools and methods Jennifer taught, and apply them on a daily basis with my own Thoroughbred mare, consistently and successfully, at a level we had not been able achieve before this clinic. I am grateful for meeting Jen and attending such an interesting and educational event."

Adele McCartney

“I have known Jennifer Pejic for several years from a business perspective, but it wasn't until we leased a horse in a barn where she was a coach that I truly understood how incredibly connected she is with horses. I have two daughters that I am forever grateful she started coaching. One of them had a traumatic fall and was left with many fears but still had a love for horses. Jen worked with both my daughters through positive reinforcement, knowledge and love and developed confidence in both of them, but she truly gave my oldest daughter the ability to ride again. I watched Jen spend time chatting and teaching them natural horsemanship and their bond with their horse grew not only on the ground, but in the saddle. We have since moved to another province and I constantly hear my daughters say when faced with a choice, "what would Jen do?" We now have three of our own horses and looking forward to doing virtual lessons with jen. Without Jen's compassion and ability, I don't think my oldest daughter would have ever gained the confidence or desire to ride again. Thank you Jen for your gift to my family.”

Trisha Carter - Galla

"I have been riding for about 20 years give or take, taking lessons. I started lessons with Jen about 4 years ago. I can't believe my own progress, we took it back to the basics and started with everything I thought I knew. Jen gave me a whole new perspective on the way I was riding and the logic behind what I was/wasn't doing. Jen took the time to understand me as a student and the way I learned, and catered my lessons towards that, helping me learn in a way that made the most sense. I believe my skills in both horsemanship as well as riding have improved more than I could have imagined since riding with Jen!"

Tanya Wilson

"When I came to train with Jennifer I had really lost my confidence after having a couple of bad riding falls.  She was instrumental in helping me to regain my confidence and move forward to be able to develop a great relationship with my horse partner.  And when my horse was starting to retire she also introduced me to my next horse partner. I learned a lot from Jennifer and loved the time training with her and my horses when I lived near her!"

Sandra McPherson -Austria

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"I met Jen P almost 18 months ago at a liberty clinic that she facilitated, and was immediately taken by how clearly she shared the information. In that capacity, she was able to highlight the subtleties of the participants, and the horses, that were causing challenges for helping to develop proficiency for ourselves and the horses. Several months later, I had occasion to have several riding lessons. I have been involved with horses over most of my life. It had been several years since I had been given riding lessons, but had felt that I had a reasonable level of competence. A recent fall had impacted my confidence a bit, and Jen’s compassion, skill and ability to see changes in both my horse, and our connection, as well the ability to see the subtlety of my position changes supported my return to confidence and supported my transition from ground work to re-backing, and deepened my already good connection with my horse. Her ability to see and articulate the changes that I needed to improve my riding without ever making me feel ineffective or incompetent was powerful for me, especially as a rider returning to the skill after many years of not having ridden. I was so grateful for the time spent and her willingness to continue even at a geographical distance. I am so grateful for Jen’s continual support in my journey back into regular ridership. With her support, I have even considered doing more again- expanding my ground and flat work into potentially jumping and expanding my skills. Thank you so much for all your continued support, and wisdom. I am beyond grateful for all that you do, and all the support that you have provided for myself and others."

Screenshot 2024-02-11 122717.png

Francine H.

"Learning liberty work with my 26-year-old pony was a dream come true, and Jennifer Pejic made it possible. In just 20 minutes, my pony transformed, becoming engaged and motivated to understand my cues. Thanks to Jennifer's training, we now enjoy fun and halter-free sessions in the pasture. Her gentle approach strengthened our connection and enhanced my communication skills. I'm grateful to Jennifer for enriching our experience and improving the quality of our relationship. It's a joy to play and learn together. Thank you!”

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Simone Usselman-Tod

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