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Are you looking to create more connection, communication and engagement mentally, physically and emotionally with your horse?

Jennifer competed to the FEI CCI**** level in Three Day Eventing and was shortlisted to the Canadian Eventing Team. She was the Assistant Coach for several Medal-Winning Young Riders Eventing Teams and has developed horses and riders through to the upper levels of eventing.


In looking for ways to further improve the relationships between horse and rider,  Jennifer has continued to expand her tool box by exploring other disciplines as well as working with the horses at liberty, how to include positive reinforcement for confidence building, and studying horses in the wild to gain a deeper understanding of horses’ natural and learned behaviour styles.


With this knowledge, Jennifer aims provide a more compassionate and empathetic approach to training, while still understanding the goals of sport or just wanting to spend an enjoyable time with your horse.

Please take a look at the training topics below to customize your clinic experience to improve or refine your partnership with your horse from the ground up.

Choose from these training topics to customize your next
clinic or training session


Ground Work

Helps improve your communication with your horse incorporating easy to use exercises from the ground to help with simple manners or take to your under saddle work.



Using the classical dressage principals to develop a foundation of communication from the saddle to increase your horse's rideability, balance and way of going under saddle.

Suitable for all disciplines.


Confidence Building

Exercises and obstacles to create  more  confidence in your horse and yourself.   

Learn to read your horse better.  Learn how the use of positive reinforcement can help.

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Gymnastic Jumping

Creative exercises for any jumping discipline, gymnastics are a wonderful way to improve your horse's form and rideability over fences.  

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Seat Balance

An opportunity to work on just you, exercises that help you create  better feel, balance and communication in the saddle.


Pole Work

Creative pole work exercises to help keep your horses mentally and physically engaged, improves their  footwork and ridability.   Suitable for all disciplines.

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Cross Country Jumping

Emphasis on a solid rider position for safety and effectiveness.  Building confidence over cross country fences.



In depth discussions about horse psychology,  behavior, care, athletic development and performance grooming.


 Obstacle Training

Not only fun, but a great way to build confidence, balance, refinement and partnership.  

"I really appreciate Jennifer's passion and desire to help her students solidify their equine relationships and expand their tool box for learning and growth.

Brenda De P.

What Jennifer Offers



Lessons on all topics are available within the Diamond Valley and Calgary area.  Have a few friends interested, look at creating a



Virtual Lessons 

All you need  is internet access, a cell phone and remote earbuds,  sessions are a great way to train wherever you are! 


Clinics & Workshops

Create a customized clinic or workshop to suit your programmes interests,  whether you'd like to combine a few topics or specialize on one.



Training sessions are available in Diamond Valley vicinity.   Jennifer's training philosophy always begins with listening to the horse first.  Then taking time to build a strong foundation of understanding and relaxation.



Educational demonstrations for at clinics, fairs or events, to help spread the message of  using a more positive approach to horsemanship.    


Online Courses

Coming Soon topics to include:

A Five Week Progressive Pole Work Course

The Virtual Training Barn

Coaches Corner

Improving Trailer Confidence

and more!

Are you interested in learning more about how you can improve your relationship with your horse and customize your training experience?

Jennifer welcomes all levels of horses and humans,

whether you are a beginner just getting to know horses or a long time enthusiast who may be in search of that new perspective and strengthening your communication with your horse.


"I have known and worked with Jen for over 20 years. She is a truly gifted instructor. She has a knack for meeting a horse and rider and immediately pinpointing their needs. She introduces effective exercises to assist in the horses development and help the rider "feel" the progress achieved. Furthermore, Jen is dedicated to pursuing her own professional development. Over the years, I have watched her horsemanship evolve, in constant pursuit of best practices to strengthen the bond between horse and rider."

Hilary Laing - Cidermill Farms and Equestrian Centre

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